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Bone and tissue regeneration

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Description: x-ray of a bone; Photo Credit: - Arundhati Sahu

Credit: Sahu

Bioactive 3D-printed medical device for significantly accelerated bone repair and regeneration.

About the Technology

Each year more than 7 million patients suffer from orthopaedic traumas in the United States, and approximately 650,000 bone grafts are performed annually. The bone grafts include autografts, using patients’ own bone); allografts, using bones from cadavers; and synthetic bone void fillers, including calcium phosphate and bone infuse. If all treatments fail, then amputation is the only option, causing lifetime disability. We have developed a bioactive 3D printed medical device for significantly accelerated bone repair and regeneration through sustained release of growth factor.

Team Members

Photo of Professor Yunzhi Peter Yang
Professor Yunzhi Peter Yang
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