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Microarray Data Analysis Software Agreement

SAM: Significance Analysis of Microarrays
(licenses are in PDF format)

Single server license
Site license
Company-wide license

Directions for licensing SAM:

  1. To try a limited version of SAM before licensing, register on the inventors' website as a "non-academic" user:
  2. In order to receive a full version of SAM, a license is required; the three types of Ready-to-Sign licenses are listed at the top of this page (single server, site and company-wide). Click the link of the type of license your company would like.
  3. Per the RTS instruction page ( ), complete and return two signed originals of the appropriate type of "Ready to Sign" agreement; include a check for issue fee, made payable to Stanford University. Stanford will return one fully executed original of the agreement to the licensee.

Once we receive each of the above items, we will forward you the necessary information to download the full version of SAM.

The above licenses are for internal use only and will not allow you to distribute the software outside of your company. If you would like a different type of license, please contact Kirsten Leute via email at or by phone at 650-723-4374.

These agreements are being made available in the Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). In order to view (and print) these files, you'll need to have the free Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. To download a copy, visit Adobe's site at