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The America Invents Act

Stanford Technology Brainstorm Newsletter
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The Technology Transfer Process at a Glance (pdf)

Annual Reports:

Presentation: OTL Overview
"Life of a Stanford Invention"
The presentation is a PowerPoint file (.ppt) and was updated in March, 2015.

Stanford Start-ups

A brief statistical look at OTL Fiscal Year 11-12

Disclosures received 504
Technologies that generated income 660
Licenses concluded 115
Gross royalties received $76.7M
Technologies that generated over $100K      36
Income generated from liquidated equity $1.2M

Working with OTL
Information for Attorneys

Guidelines for Stanford's Outside Counsel
This memorandum summarizes certain basic principles concerning the retention of outside counsel by the Office of the General Counsel (OGC).

Bayh-Dole Act
A Guide to the Bayh-Dole Law and Implementing Regulations.